New Toys

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I purchased a new toy for the house. The main reason was to have something to play calming music at night for Saoirse. She has so much energy that sometimes nighttime isn’t as calm as it should be.

I have been playing this calming music for dogs I found on Amazon music.

We have been leaving […]

If you have dogs…

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Hurricane tip:Put pieces of sod in a kiddie pool and put it in your garage. You have a safe place for your dogs to potty during the storm.
Never let dogs off leash into the yard during the storm, dogs get easily spooked during hurricanes and may take off, scaling even a large fence. Also, […]

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What to do about Saorise

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Well… it’s not a good report. I met the veterinarian at his office and they handed me a computer disc. Which I knew what that meant.

His first words were, it’s not good. We kind of already prepared ourselves for that. He is referring her to the same orthopedic surgeon that did […]

Houston area Rescue 5-31-19

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View this post on Instagram I need help finding a GOOD home for this girl here. @taco.wench took her in when someone was going to surrender her to a kill shelter in the Houston area. […]

Hellhound Rescues May 22 2019

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View this post on Instagram How can you not love that face? . . Ruff-a-Roo! I’m so pleased to meet you! My name is Pepper and I’m here to tell you more about me in […]

Zeus Zeus

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OMG… this poor pup. I just had to share.

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There are no words for the agonizing pain Zeus has been forced to endure. There are no words to truly encapsulate his suffering […]

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