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Rape and abuse survivor, mother of special needs/autistic 20 plus yr old, mother of a combat medic. Both are Global Messengers for Special Olympics NC. Have gone through many traumatic events, countless medical issues and still have a ;) on my face and love in my heart. Volunteering is a part of my dna. Irish but chose to date out of my race and have had to deal with the narrow-minded ignorance of racism. Everyone has things we go through, telling my story may help someone get through theirs.
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Have you seen Radio?

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The inspiring true story of the real life friendship between Robert “Radio” Kennedy and coach Harold Jones and the thirty-year legacy of victory they created.

I love this movie. […]

When You Can’t Be a Warrior Anymore…Is There a Reason to Go On? – Life After War

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Her first in heaven

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My momma’s first birthday in heaven is tomorrow, October 20th. She would have been 69 years young.
Oh God how I miss her so.
I know this gets easier over time but I wish that time was now.
My husband has been trying so hard to keep me from falling into a deeper hole that I […]

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When you adjust to fit your needs

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As much as I love my wedding rings I don’t wear them that often. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s like this… I lost weight to swelling of the hands, feet and fingers. Then when I don’t have the swelling my rings literally fall off my fingers. There have been a couple of times […]

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Well… I don’t know what to say right now but will say this…. prepare and pray.

We are preparing but also anticipating evacuations. We will likely drive as far west as needed.

We are right outside of Camp Lejeune North Carolina.

This damn hurricane is now a Category 5. 160mph winds, but doesn’t include wind gusts.

I […]

Wisdom-less with laughter

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Let’s see…where did I last leave this? I don’t think I quite remember where I left my purse much less the last post. I guess I could have looked back and see where I left it but …oh well. I am just going to wing it.

Well Kayla had to have oral surgery on […]

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Flower Power Fundraising

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I love me some flowers just as much as I love helping someone else. Both are near and dear to my heart. So when I ran across this fundraiser I jumped on it! Which ones do you love the best?Flower Power Fundraising

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Hey y’all! It’s Zay with the @buffalobills!! Please take a second to watch this video!! I am racing against @montanayao to see who can raise the most charitable donations for one of our favorite causes. I chose ACES FOR AUTISM. (@acesforautismnc) Thank you to the Robinson family and support from all friends who have […]

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Stitches, flat tires and birthday cake

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Have you ever been in one of those periods where you really just want to disconnect from the world around you and just immerse yourself in your own little bubble? Yeah, well that is kind of where I have been this past several, several weeks. Dealing with my husband and his “service connected issues” […]

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A Scottish Hee Haw

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Need a laugh today? To make up for a bad day or week. Can you watch this without laughing? You know those videos that are just magic because you can’t helped but laugh?

It’s funny. We had FEMA come and do their little ”interview” or whatever they call it for your application for disaster assistance. […]

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