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Rape and abuse survivor, mother of special needs/autistic 20 plus yr old, mother of a combat medic. Both are Global Messengers for Special Olympics NC. Have gone through many traumatic events, countless medical issues and still have a ;) on my face and love in my heart. Volunteering is a part of my dna. Irish but chose to date out of my race and have had to deal with the narrow-minded ignorance of racism. Everyone has things we go through, telling my story may help someone get through theirs.
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Both near and dear to my heart

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Homeless Ashes

Homeless Ashes is a passion project that was created by Marc Zammit. Marc Zammit was raised on a council estate in London, had a passion for the arts and has wanted to be an actor from when he was just 6 years old. Marc started acting from the age of 12 and […]

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Military Monday – CodeofVets – Birdman Dan

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He aims to inspire others 

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Trauma Abuse

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National search to find Montford Point Marines

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JACKSONVILLE, NC (WITN) – If you know a Marine who served decades ago during segregation in Jacksonville at Montford Point, your contribution could be invaluable to a group of leaders who’ve began a nationwide search to find and honor all the Monford Point Marines.

February, during Black History Month, is one of the many appropriate times […]

Look at these magnificent beauties!

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It’s taken me 3 years, this being the 3rd, to get any yield from my grapevines. Funny thing is they are all different in age. Not sure why they seem to yield in sync.

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Ain’t they purty!

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Mom’s anxiety

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When Your Anxiety Makes You An Angry Mom

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My mother and aunt found out they had a sister that was given up for adoption.  My mother just met her face to face last week and it’s a bit overwhelming.  It is still hard to believe knowing my grandmother died without saying anything to anyone.  Details to come…

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